Uniform and dressing code

Students are expected to have 2sets of uniform and wear the full uniform during their clinical experience. in uniform, students are not permitted to wear any form jewellery, nail polish, except small ear rings. Hair must be tied and put up neatly.

Students are expected to dress modestly to the classes in the college. Full saree, salvar kameez are the permitted dresses.

Fees and Payments

At the time of admission, prescribed fees should be paid. Tuition fees and other fees of each year should be paid at the beginning of the year. No students will be allowed to attend classes unless she completes with all the admission requirement and pays all the fees for the year.

Students Discipline

Roles and regulations related to students discipline are in force to effectively maintain discipline among students.


Vacations are planned according to the programme of study and norms of Indian Nursing Council.  All students are expected all avail these days, if the students are unable to return on time after the vocation due to illness, the Principal should be intimated, followed by a leave application along with the Medical Certificate.

Voluntary withdrawal & Transfer Dr.M.G.R.Medical University Order

Any student who would like to withdraw from the course should do it before 15th September. Any student who with draws any time after 15th September are required to pay full tuition fees & special fees for the whole course.